How my journey started.

My photographic journey started just after graduating from college. I purchased my first camera a Minolta SRT101 and joined my parents on a cross-country trip from New York to California. Even though I spent all my summers in the Adirondacks this was my first serious vacation. This is where the seeds of appreciating nature, photographic composition and light first took root. I then immersed myself in learning as much as I could about photography. Upon graduation I began a teaching career that spanned 33 years. During this time period I volunteered to help taking photographs for the high school’s yearbook. This lead to starting my own photography studio where I had the pleasure of photographing the weddings of numerous former students and hundreds of other loving couples. Towards the end of my teaching career I was trusted with the responsibility of photographing the entire yearbook, shooting everything from sporting events to the school musical, and most importantly faculty and senior portraits. When I entered my “retirement” phase of life I thought long and hard about what I would like to do to fill the hours. Actually it was a very easy choice. I decided to combine my passion for sports photography with my love of nature. While visiting my parents who retired to Florida I was always fascinated by the beauty and grace of the birds.  I then decided to join the ranks of those affectionately known as  “birders”. For those of you who have tried this, you soon realized that there are days of endless hiking and sometimes not a lot of birds. When this occurred my desire to capture the beauty of nature lead me to photograph picturesque waterfalls, rustic barns, stunning flowers along with visiting nearby Saratoga race track, “the summer place to be”. In all of my photography I try to fill the frame with my subject, tell an interesting story and capture as much detail as the camera and software will allow. My goal is to share with you, images that bring back the fondest memories, in the greatest detail possible.